So today I was struck by something that I’ve thought about a lot before. First of all asa disclaimer I would like to say that I hope no one is offened by this post, that is not my intention. This is my life, there is no place to go after, this is the life I live, it’s not some story book, when it’s over I’m not going to look back down on my family and see them, there isn’t another chapter . I cannot live forever. When the Sun explodes I will be deas, I will not know when this is, someday I will pass on, close my eyes for the last time. I think this is something that people often forget. Everyone takes life for granted, no one really stops to think about how someday life will end. I’m sorry if I brought anyone down with this post, the thing about life is that we are only here for a short time so we should make the most of it. Have a great day, and no i’m not being sarcastic, I do want you to enjoy today 🙂


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