Today I was reading AFTER THE FLOOD by Margaret Atwood, and I started thinking, wow this book is phenomenal. Then I realized that these authors are amazing, think of how many times you’ve read a book and just been totally immeresed in the plot, or been totally wowed by how mysterious and developed the characters are. Well, here’s the light bulb that just went off in my head, These are people, they have this in their head, it’s thier original ideas. Imagine having Percy Jackson sitting in your head, or creating a future where North America is divided into 13 provinces, and people gather to watch others fight to the death. Margaret Atwood is a great example of this, her books are dark, errie, and they really make you think, but the thing is, you can easily see them becoming true with one slip of the human finger. Her books reflect a world in the future where people have been demolished by a flood, but there is no water in the flood. It showed me how thoughts and ideas really are how things begin, how rumors can effect more than the subject of the rumor. AFTER THE FLOOD also showed me how fear can spread. Fear has so much control it really is frightening. Our minds are so much more than we think they are, so, so much more. Don’t underestimate what’s in your head, not really what you think everyday, but how your emotions shape impulsive descisions, and how in  a subconscious mind we have emotions we don’t even know we have. Thought- provoking huh??


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