I had a dream last night, one of those dreams where you want it to be a book so you can just keep reading, and then there can be a sequel, then a movie. Well this was one of those dreams, and I really cannot wait to go to sleep tonight to see if I dreeam it again. I love continual dreams, and I’ve had a couple of them, it’s so cool to go to sleep, then wake up and be like, WHOA I just DREAMED that, it really is amazing what your mind can do when you really think you’re alseep. Sometimes that weirds me out, I mean I one of those people who love control, and knows how to get it, so natuarally it’s hard for me to know that I have no control what happens in my  sleep. Sometims my dreams help me notice things about stuff around me, things like my family,  my school, my view on certain issues, and it really is impressive. Sometimes though dreams get scary, I hate nightmares ( nightmears?) it scares me enough that my mind can be awake when I’m asleep, but the fact that my mind can suprise and scare me, is downright terrifying! So think about this, and SLEEP WELL!


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  1. dobbylovesme says:

    Haha 🙂
    I have those too…floating on marshmallow clouds, eating rainbow lollipops!
    Totally takes me away from this world!
    Great post…looking forward to more!

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