Ok since I’ve been reading other peoples blogs I’ve realized my idea of cultural identity isn’t as great as some of my classmates, so here goes. First of all I’m 12 years old, I play soccer, I love to rock climb, I love traveling to Chicago, I’m the youngest, grammar is anything but my strong point, I live in the burbs in Ohio, my ride to school is kinda long, I’ve broken more than 6 bones, I have a cleft lip n palate aka I was born with barely a nose and a hole in the roof of my mouth, I don’t have those holes anymore in fact my repair surgery went so well I’ve been featured at clef palate conventions before. I have a hamster, I hate hot days, I enjoy the snow a lot, I see no problem in acting immature/ younger than my age, and I love to travel. Lastly I love to travel to places like Montana and Colorado, and I think that wombats and wallaby’s are really cute. When I’m older I want to be a journalist or a large animal vet, maybe an archeologist. Who knows??


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